Leave an impression, get the job without question: 3 Simple steps

Leave an impression, get the job without question: 3 Simple steps

Interviews can be overwhelming and intimidating. Ensuring you leave a good impression is vital. Stand out at your next interview with these three (3) simple tips.

 Connect with your interviewer

Ensure you connect with the interviewer. Asking thoughtful questions and telling meaningful stories both help to make certain you connect with your interviewer. Sitting quiet and answering only the questions asked does not highlight who you really are. Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments and don’t be afraid to show it.

 Be prepared

 It is important to understand what the employer is looking for. It is also equally important in understanding how your background intersects with the position you are applying for. Showing you have done your research on the positon and the hiring company is a great way to prove you are interested and willing to take an initiative. Employers are looking for candidates who will take the extra steps necessary to be prepared and follow through.

 Be yourself

Last but not least, be yourself. After all; you are the person they chose to interview. This tip seems simple enough however too many potential hires want to present what they think the employer or interviewer wants to see.  Presenting the true you is always the right way.

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